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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Mesoscopic organization and properties of nanocrystals of metals, metal oxides and other materialsRao, C.N.R.; Kulkarni, G.U.; Thomas, P. John
2004Metal carboxylates with open-architecturesRao, C.N.R.; Natarajan, S.N.; Vaidyanathan, R.
2004New strategies for the synthesis and characterization of nanotubes and nanowiresRao, C.N.R.; Vivek Chand, S.R.C.
2016Novel properties of graphene and other 2D materials with potential applications in energy devices and related areasRao, C.N.R.; Gopalakrishnan, K.
2010Optical and Related Properties of Inorganic nanoparticlesRao, C.N.R.; Bhat, S. Venkataprasad
2019Photocatalytic HER activity of semiconductor heterostructures and the structures and properties of cadmium phosphohalidesRao, C.N.R.; Roy, Anand Kumar
2001Studies of supramolecularly organized chemical systems and of open-framework metal squarates and organic amine squaratesRao, C.N.R.; Sivashankar, K.
2008Studies on grapheneRao, C.N.R.; Subrahmanyam, K.S.
2008Studies on the assembly, growth and related aspects of nanostructures by isothermal titration calorimetry, Small angle X-ray scattering and other techniquesRao, C.N.R.; Varghese, Neenu
2019A study of two-dimensional materialsRao, C.N.R.; Amit
2007Synthesis and characterization of inorganic nanorods and nanotubes and kirkendall effect-induced transformations of metal nanowires of oxide or chalcogenide nanotubesRao, C.N.R.; Eswaramoorthy, M.; Raidongia, Kalyan
2017-09-11Synthesis and novel attributes of metal chalcogenidesRao, C.N.R.; Biswas, Kanishka; Jana, Manoj Kumar
2016Synthesis, characterization and novel properties of nanocomposites comprising covalently linked MOFs, graphene, BN and CNTsRao, C.N.R.; Kumar, Ram
2022-05Two-dimensional materials and their charge transfer propertiesRao, C.N.R.; Barua, Manaswee
2018Ultrathin films of metal oxides, nitrides and sulfides obtained by atomic layer deposition and other meansRao, C.N.R.; Sreedhara, M.B.
2006Urea route to the synthesis of metal nitrides and to coat One-dimensional nanostructures by Boron NitrideRao, C.N.R.; Gomathi, A.