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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Structural instabilities and wrinkles at the grain boundaries in 2-D h-BN: a first-principles analysisSingh, Anjali; Waghmare, Umesh V.
2016Structural transformation during Li/Na insertion and theoretical cyclic voltammetry of the delta-NH4V4O10 electrode: a first-principles studySarkar, Tanmay; Kumar, Parveen; Bharadwaj, Mridula Dixit; Waghmare, Umesh V.
2016Structural, Optical, and Electronic Properties of Wide Bandgap Perovskites: Experimental and Theoretical InvestigationsKumawat, Naresh K.; Tripathi, Madlvendra Nath; Waghmare, Umesh V.; Kabra, Dinesh
2016Structure and Properties of Cd4P2Cl3, an Analogue of CdSRoy, Anand; Shenoy, U. Sandhya; Manjunath, K.; Vishnoi, Pratap; Waghmare, Umesh V.; Rao, C. N. R.
2016Superior performance of borocarbonitrides, BxCyNz, as stable, low-cost metal-free electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reactionChhetri, Manjeet; Maitra, Somak; Chakraborty, Himanshu; Waghmare, Umesh V.; Rao, C. N. R.
2019Synchronized PIV-PLIF experiments on mixing in confined space by a decelerating, turbulent, buoyant jetWaghmare, Umesh V.; Prince John, Albin
2014Temperature-dependent stability of stacking faults in Al, Cu and Ni: first-principles analysisBhogra, Meha; Ramamurty, U.; Waghmare, Umesh V.
2015Theme Issue on Electronic Structure of Nanostructures and Correlated Nanomaterials: Theory and ExperimentViswanatha, Ranjani; Waghmare, Umesh V.
2007Theoretical investigations of properties of low dimensional systems and nanomaterialsNarasimhan, Shobhana; Waghmare, Umesh V.; Ghosh, Prasenjit
2010Theoretical modelling of nano-structured (Hf,Zr)N/(Sc,Y)N metal/semiconductor superlattices for thermoelectric energy conversionWaghmare, Umesh V.; Saha, Bivas
2008Theoretical study of metal ion substituted CeO2 for environmental catalysis: origin of oxygen storage capacity hydrogen spillover and carbon monoxide oxidationWaghmare, Umesh V.; Dutta, Gargi
2022-07Theory of electronic and structural transitions in layered materials and 2D heterostructures: properties tunable with pressure, electric field and twistWaghmare, Umesh V.; Debnath, Koyendrila
2014Thermal Expansion, Anharmonicity and Temperature-Dependent Raman Spectra of Single- and Few-Layer MoSe2 and WSe2Late, Dattatray J.; Shirodkar, Sharmila N.; Waghmare, Umesh V.; Dravid, Vinayak P.; Rao, C. N. R.
2022-06Tunable electronic and magnetic properties of Graphene/1T-CrTe2 van der waals heterostructure: A first-principles analysisWaghmare, Umesh V.; Menon, Surabhi
2014Tuning electrochemical potential of LiCoO2 with cation substitution: first-principles predictions and electronic originVaranasi, Arun Kumar; Bhowmik, Arghya; Sarkar, Tanmay; Waghmare, Umesh V.; Bharadwaj, Mridula Dixit
2019Tuning functional and catalytic properties of materials with defects, substitutional alloying and pressure: First-principles studiesWaghmare, Umesh V.; Suchitra
2017Two dimensional and layered functional materials: First-principles theoretical analysisWaghmare, Umesh V.; Singh, Anjali
2016Two-Dimensional Rectangular and Honeycomb Lattices of NbN: Emergence of Piezoelectric and Photocatalytic Properties at NanoscaleAnand, Shashwat; Thekkepat, Krishnamohan; Waghmare, Umesh V.
2016Understanding the photoelectrochemical properties of nanostructured CeO2/Cu2O heterojunction photoanode for efficient photoelectrochemical water splittingSharma, Dipika; Satsangi, Vibha R.; Shrivastau, Rohit; Waghmare, Umesh V.; Dass, Sahab
2014Universal binding energy relation for cleaved and structurally relaxed surfacesSrirangarajan, Aarti; Datta, Aditi; Gandi, Appala Naidu; Ramamurty, U.; Waghmare, Umesh V.