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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Atomistic simulations of room temperature ionic liquids: biomass dissolution, interfaces and mixturesBalasubramanian, S.; Payal, Rajdeep Singh
2013Computational investigation of complex molecular fluidsBalasubramanian, S.; Mondal, Anirban
2016Computational investigations of ionic liquids: force field development, gas solubility and transportBalasubramanian, S.; Mondal, Anirban
2020Computational investigations of mechanisms, pathway complexity and dipole dynamics in supramolecular polymersBalasubramanian, S.; Divya Bharathi, Korlepara
2016Computational investigations of supramolecular polymerizationBalasubramanian, S.; Bejagam, Karteek Kumar
2015Computational investigations on carbon dioxide adsorption in porous framework solidsBalasubramanian, S.; Ray, Promit
2016Computational investigations on decarboxylase and phosphoribosyltransferase enzymesBalasubramanian, S.; Karmakar, Tarak
2023-03Computational investigations to unravel the origins of lag phase, chirality transfer, and diastereoselectivity in supramolecular self-assembliesBalasubramanian, S.; Srinath, Kompella V. K.
2014Computational studies of molecular interactions involving carbon dioxide and carbonic acidBalasubramanian, S.; Haldar, Pallabi
2011Computer simulation studies of intermolecular structure, microheterogeneity and dynamics in room temperature Ionic liquidsBalasubramanian, S.; Raju G, Srinivas
2011Computer Simulation Studies of Intermolecular Structure, Microheterogeneity and Dynamics in Room Temperature Ionic LiquidsBalasubramanian, S.; Raju G, Srinivas
2007Computer simulation studies on supercritical carbon dioxideBalasubramanian, S.; Saharay, Moumita
2011Experimental and theoretical investigations of functional supramolecular assembliesBalasubramanian, S.; George, Subi J.; Kulkarni, Chidambar
2015Investigations into the molecular origin of mechanisms in supramolecular polymerizationBalasubramanian, S.; Kulkarni, Chidambar
2013Investigations of carbonic acid, dimethyl carbonate and the adsorption of CO2 in framework solidsBalasubramanian, S.; Reddy, Sandeep Kumar
2023-02Ion transport and solvation in next generation battery electrolytes: molecular simulation studiesBalasubramanian, S.; Mukherji, Srimayee
2010MD Simulation studies on the structure dynamics and interfacial properties of RTILsBalasubramanian, S.; Sarangi, Soumya Saswati
2019Modelling room temperature ionic liquids: charge environment, hydrogen bond dynamics and related phenomenaBalasubramanian, S.; Nikhil, Avula Venkata Siva
2022Molecular dynamics investigations of solvent-free protein liquids and ligand-induced changes in enzymesBalasubramanian, S.; Behera, Sudarshan
2020Molecular dynamics simulation studies of interfacial activation and thermostability of enzymesBalasubramanian, S.; Das, Sudip