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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07Chirality-mediated reentrant structure and dynamics in dense assemblies of active spinnersGanapathy, Rajesh; Tiwari, Uttam
2022-06Deconstructing colloidal heteroepitaxy: From single to collective adsorbate dynamics to hierarchical organization in systems of sticky particlesGanapathy, Rajesh; Mondal, Manodeep
2016Deconstructing the glass transition through critical experiments on colloidsGokhale, Shreyas; Sood, A. K.; Ganapathy, Rajesh
2019Designer 'Active' granular matter for probing the physics of non-equilibrium glass transitionsGanapathy, Rajesh; Arora, Pragya
2015Direct measurements of growing amorphous order and non-monotonic dynamic correlations in a colloidal glass-formerNagamanasa, K. Hima; Gokhale, Shreyas; Sood, A. K.; Ganapathy, Rajesh
2017Direct observation of mechanical memory in athermal amorphous rafts and exploring its connections to yielding and hyperuniformityGanapathy, Rajesh; Mukherji, Srimayee
2014Dynamical facilitation governs glassy dynamics in suspensions of colloidal ellipsoidsMishra, Chandan K.; Nagamanasa, K. Hima; Ganapathy, Rajesh; Sood, A. K.; Gokhale, Shreyas
2014Experimental signatures of a nonequilibrium phase transition governing the yielding of a soft glassNagamanasa, K. Hima; Gokhale, Shreyas; Sood, A. K.; Ganapathy, Rajesh
2017Exploiting shape sensitive interactions in colloidal suspensions - from directed self-assembly to the structural glass transitionGanapathy, Rajesh; Kumar, Chandan
2014Exploring the connections between yielding and microscopic irreversibility in athermal amorphous raftsGanapathy, Rajesh; Kandula, Neelima
2014Growing dynamical facilitation on approaching the random pinning colloidal glass transitionGokhale, Shreyas; Nagamanasa, K. Hima; Ganapathy, Rajesh; Sood, A. K.
2016Influence of an amorphous wall on the distribution of localized excitations in a colloidal glass-forming liquidGokhale, Shreyas; Nagamanasa, K. Hima; Sood, A. K.; Ganapathy, Rajesh
2007-03-13Interfacial Rheology of an Ultrathin Nanocrystalline Film Formed at the Liquid/Liquid InterfaceKrishnaswamy, Rema; Majumdar, Sayantan; Ganapathy, Rajesh; Agarwal, Ved Varun; Sood, A K; Rao, C N R
2023-05Liquids and glasses of achiral, chiral and deformable active granulesGanapathy, Rajesh; Arora, Pragya
2016Localized Excitations and the Morphology of Cooperatively Rearranging Regions in a Colloidal Glass-Forming LiquidGokhale, Shreyas; Ganapathy, Rajesh; Nagamanasa, K. Hima; Sood, A. K.
2016Mechanical properties of C-60 thin films at the air-water interfaceSanthosh, V.; Voggu, R.; Chaturbedy, P.; Ganapathy, Rajesh; Rao, C. N. R.
2018A micrometer-sized isothermal stirling engine operating between engineered reservoirsGanapathy, Rajesh; Roy, Niloyendu
2016A micrometre-sized heat engine operating between bacterial reservoirsKrishnamurthy, Sudeesh; Ghosh, Subho; Chatterji, Dipankar; Ganapathy, Rajesh; Sood, A. K.
2015Pinned, driven and confined colloidal supercooled liquids and glassesGanapathy, Rajesh; Nagamanasa, K Hima
2013Reentrant glass transition in suspensions of colloidal ellipsoidsGanapathy, Rajesh; Kumar, Chandan