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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Autophagy modulators to enhance host control against bacterial infectionsManjithaya, Ravi; Veena, A.
2017Correlative roles of exocyst complex and septins in autophagyManjithaya, Ravi; Chinchwadkar, Sarika
2019Elucidating the role of a multisubunit tethering complex-exocyst in autophagosome biogenesisManjithaya, Ravi; Rajput, Sunaina Singh
2015Fluorescence microscopy: A tool to study autophagyRai, Shashank; Manjithaya, Ravi
2019Functional dissection of autophagy-related proteins ATG5 and ATG18 in Plasmodium falciparumSurolia, Namita; Manjithaya, Ravi; Agrawal, Palak
2019Identification of a small molecule inhibitor of autophagic flux and an automated deep learning workflow for high-throughput autophagic flux analysesManjithaya, Ravi; Abraham, Irine Maria
2018Implications of polyglutamine aggregates on autophagyManjithaya, Ravi; Keshri, Swati
2017Insights into autophagic flux across three eukaryotic kingdomsManjithaya, Ravi; Mishra, Piyush
2020Insights into the regulatory mechanisms of xenophagy as revealed by chemical geneticsManjithaya, Ravi; Ammanathan, Veena
2018Investigating mechanisms of aggrephagy flux using small molecules: potential implications in neurodegenationManjithaya, Ravi; Suresh, S. N.
2015Multispectral Bayesian reconstruction technique for real-time two color fluorescence microscopyDilipkumar, Shilpa; Manjithaya, Ravi; Mondal, Partha Pratim
2015Novel small molecule modulators of autophagy in yeast and mammalian systemsManjithaya, Ravi; Bats, Somya
2018Proteostasis regulation in ALS linked protein mediated toxicityManjithaya, Ravi; Pal, Anindita
2015Rationally Designed Peptidomimetic Modulators of A beta Toxicity in Alzheimer's DiseaseRajasekhar, K.; Suresh, S. N.; Manjithaya, Ravi; Govindaraju, T.
2019Regulation of autophagic flux via dynamic trafficking of the SNARE Stx17: studies using a chemical biology approachManjithaya, Ravi; Vats, Somya
2013-12-02; 2013Screening and identification of genes involved in autophagy and autophagy related pathways in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiaeManjithaya, Ravi; Singh, Sunaina
2019Septin complex as a novel regulator of autophagosome biogenesisManjithaya, Ravi; Barve, Gaurav Ramanand
2013-12-03; 2013Small molecule modulators of α-synuclein toxicity in a yeast modelManjithaya, Ravi; Suresh, S.N.
2014Synthesis of Hybrid Cyclic Peptoids and Identification of Autophagy EnhancerRajasekhar, Kolla; Narayanaswamy, Nagarjun; Mishra, Piyush; Suresh, S. N.; Manjithaya, Ravi; Govindaraju, T.