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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Crystal growth, structure and magnetic properties of Sm3Ni5Al19: A compound in the Sm2n+mNi4n+mAl15n+4m homologous seriesSubbarao, Udumula; Ghosh, Aloke Kumar; Sarkar, Sumanta; Peter, Sebastian C.
2015Crystal structure and properties of tetragonal EuAg4In8 grown by metal flux techniqueSubbarao, Udumula; Sarkar, Sumanta; Peter, Sebastian C.
2014Crystal structure of Yb2CuGe6 and Yb3Cu4Ge4 and the valency of ytterbiumPeter, Sebastian C.; Subbarao, Udumula; Sarkar, Sumanta; Vaitheeswaran, G.; Svane, Axel; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.
2016Enhanced Air Stability in REPb3 (RE = Rare Earths) by Dimensional Reduction Mediated Valence TransitionSubbarao, Udumula; Sarkar, Sumanta; Jana, Rajkumar; Bera, Sourav S.; Peter, Sebastian C.
2014Flux Growth of Yb6.6Ir6Sn16 Having Mixed-Valent YtterbiumPeter, Sebastian C.; Subbarao, Udumula; Rayaprol, Sudhindra; Martin, Joshua B.; Balasubramanian, Mahalingarn; Malliakas, Christos D.; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.
2016Magnetic and X-ray absorption studies on the RE5X2Sb6 (RE = Eu, Yb; X = Al, Ga, In) compoundsSubbarao, Udumula; Sarkar, Sumanta; Joseph, Boby; Peter, Sebastian C.
2015Mixed valence and metamagnetism in a metal flux grown compound Eu2Pt3Si5Sarkar, Sumanta; Subbarao, Udumula; Joseph, Boby; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Size and morphology controlled NiSe nanoparticles as efficient catalyst for the reduction reactionsSubbarao, Udumula; Marakatti, Vijaykumar S.; Amshumali, Mungalimane K.; Loukya, B.; Singh, Dheeraj Kumar; Datta, Ranjan; Peter, Sebastian C.
2014Structural and magnetic properties in the polymorphs of CeRh0.5Ge1.5Kalsi, Deepti; Subbarao, Udumula; Rayaprol, Sudhindra; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Swinging Symmetry, Multiple Structural Phase Transitions, and Versatile Physical Properties in RECuGa3 (RE = La-Nd, Sm-Gd)Subbarao, Udumula; Rayaprol, Sudhindra; Dally, Rebecca; Graf, Michael J.; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Ultrafast synthesis of flower-like ordered Pd3Pb nanocrystals with superior electrocatalytic activities towards oxidation of formic acid and ethanolJana, Rajkumar; Subbarao, Udumula; Peter, Sebastian C.
2015Yb7Ni4InGe12: a quaternary compound having mixed valent Yb atoms grown from indium fluxSubbarao, Udumula; Jana, Rajkumar; Chondroudi, Maria; Balasubramanian, Mahalingam; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.; Peter, Sebastian C.