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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Development and application of computational quantum many-body methods for strongly correlated models and materialsVidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Dasari, Nagamalleswara Rao
2011Diagrammatic perturbation theory based investigation of the mott transition physicsVidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Barman, Himadri
2014-09-22; 2013Disorder and proximity driven phenomena in s-wave superconductorsVidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Kamar, Naushad Ahmad
2016Emergent phenomena in spatially and energetically inhomogeneous strongly correlated model electron systemsVidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Sen, Sudeshna
2017A floquet hamiltonian approach to driven quantum dot systemsVidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Mirmira, Anirudha
2008Numerical studies of low energy behaviour of a few spin ladders and magnetic field effects in heavy fermionsPati, Swapan K.; Vidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Parihari, Debabrata
2017Renormalization group studies of the interplay between Kondo effect, valence fluctuations and topological orderVidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Ul Haq, Rukhsan
2022-07Theoretical modeling of ultrafast relaxation dynamics in conventional metals: A boltzmann transport equation approachVidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Kumar, Aashish
2011Theoretical studies of transport at the nanoscaleVidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Sen, Sudeshna
2010Transient and steady state lateral charge transport in polymeric semiconductorsVidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Tiwari, Abhay Kumar
2013Valence fluctuations and disorder effects in strongly correlated electronic systemsVidhyadhiraja, N.S.; Kumar, Pramod