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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-11Turbulence and Flying MachinesGovindarajan, Rama
2000-09-25The role of the critical layer in the stability of viscous shear flowGovindarajan, Rama
1997-12-08A low-order theory for stability of non-parallel boundary layer flowsGovindarajan, Rama; Narasimha, R
2011-07Vortex shedding patterns, their competition, and chaos in flow past inline oscillating rectangular cylindersT, Srikanth; Dixit, Harish N; Tatavarti, Rao; Govindarajan, Rama
2011-07Stability of a vortex in radial density stratification: role of wave interactionsDixit, Harish N; Govindarajan, Rama
2011-06Global instabilities in diverging channel flowsSwaminathan, Gayathri; Sahu, Kirti Chandra; Sameen, A; Govindarajan, Rama
2011-11-10Linear stability of double-diffusive two-fluid channel flowSahu, Kirti Chandra; Govindarajan, Rama
2011-10-10Minimum energy shapes of one-side-pinned static drops on inclined surfacesThampi, Sumesh P; Govindarajan, Rama
1995-10-10Stability of spatially developing boundary layers in pressure gradientsGovindarajan, Rama; Narasimha, R
1999-06Low-order parabolic theory for 2D boundary-layer stabilityGovindarajan, Rama; Narasimha, R
2000-09-25Minimal composite equations and the stability of non-parallel flowsNarasimha, R; Govindarajan, Rama
2005-03Instabilities and transition in boundary layersVinod, N; Govindarajan, Rama
2000-09-10Transition delay by surface heating: a zonal analysis for axisymmetric bodiesGovindarajan, Rama; Narasimha, R
2001-07-25Estimating amplitude ratios in boundary layer stability theory: a comparison between two approachesGovindarajan, Rama; Narasimha, R
2001-10-22Retardation of the Onset of Turbulence by Minor Viscosity ContrastsGovindarajan, Rama; L’vov, Victor S; Procaccia, Itamar
2001-01Stabilization and destabilization of channel flow by location of viscosity-stratified fluid layerRanganathan, Balaji T; Govindarajan, Rama
2001-12Theory of suspension segregation in partially filled horizontal rotating cylindersGovindarajan, Rama; Nott, Prabhu R; Ramaswamy, Sriram
2002-04Surprising effects of minor viscosity gradientsGovindarajan, Rama
2002-04-01Universal Behavior of Entrainment due to Coherent Structures in Turbulent Shear FlowGovindarajan, Rama
2003-02-18Stabilization of hydrodynamic flows by small viscosity variationsGovindarajan, Rama; L’vov, Victor S; Procaccia, Itamar; Sameen, A
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37