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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Ligand mediated valence fluctuation of copper in new hybrid materials constructed from decavanadate and a Cu(1,10-phenanthroline) complexIyer, Abishek K.; Roy, Soumyabrata; Haridasan, Remesh; Sarkar, Sumanta; Peter, Sebastian C.
2014Effect of ordered and disordered phases of unsupported Ag3In nanoparticles on the catalytic reduction of p-nitrophenolSarkar, Sumanta; Balisetty, Lahari; Shanbogh, Pradeep P.; Peter, Sebastian C.
2014Neutron diffraction studies on structural and magnetic properties of RE2NiGe3 (RE=La, Ce)Kalsi, Deepti; Rayaprol, S.; Siruguri, V.; Peter, Sebastian C.
2014TbRhSn and DyRhSn - Detailed magnetic and Sn-119 Mossbauer spectroscopic studiesGurgul, Jacek; Latka, Kazimierz; Pacyna, Andrzej W.; Peter, Sebastian C.; Poettgen, Rainer
2014Flux Growth of Yb6.6Ir6Sn16 Having Mixed-Valent YtterbiumPeter, Sebastian C.; Subbarao, Udumula; Rayaprol, Sudhindra; Martin, Joshua B.; Balasubramanian, Mahalingarn; Malliakas, Christos D.; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.
2014Structural and magnetic properties in the polymorphs of CeRh0.5Ge1.5Kalsi, Deepti; Subbarao, Udumula; Rayaprol, Sudhindra; Peter, Sebastian C.
2014Effect of Li and Mg substitution on the crystal structure and magnetism of the REGa2 (RE = Ce and Eu) and EuGa4 compoundsIyer, Abishek K.; Balisetty, Lahari; Sarkar, Sumanta; Peter, Sebastian C.
2014Crystal growth, structure and magnetic properties of Sm3Ni5Al19: A compound in the Sm2n+mNi4n+mAl15n+4m homologous seriesSubbarao, Udumula; Ghosh, Aloke Kumar; Sarkar, Sumanta; Peter, Sebastian C.
2014Crystal structure of Yb2CuGe6 and Yb3Cu4Ge4 and the valency of ytterbiumPeter, Sebastian C.; Subbarao, Udumula; Sarkar, Sumanta; Vaitheeswaran, G.; Svane, Axel; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.
2014Two-Dimensional Bicapped Supramolecular Hybrid Semiconductor Material Constructed from the Insulators alpha-Keggin Polyoxomolybdate and 4,4 '-BipyridineIyer, Abishek K.; Peter, Sebastian C.
2014The crystal structure and magnetic properties of a Zintl phase EuIrIn4: the first member of the Eu-Ir-In in familySarkar, Sumanta; Gutmann, Matthias J.; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Nickel-antimony nanoparticles confined in SBA-15 as highly efficient catalysts for the hydrogenation of nitroarenesMarakatti, Vijaykumar S.; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Size and morphology controlled NiSe nanoparticles as efficient catalyst for the reduction reactionsSubbarao, Udumula; Marakatti, Vijaykumar S.; Amshumali, Mungalimane K.; Loukya, B.; Singh, Dheeraj Kumar; Datta, Ranjan; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Selective colorimetric detection of Cu2+ by lanthanide based hybrid complexes associated with a single crystal growth mediated transformationRoy, Soumyabrata; Chanu, Oinam Bijeta; Sarkar, Sumanta; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Ultrafast synthesis of flower-like ordered Pd3Pb nanocrystals with superior electrocatalytic activities towards oxidation of formic acid and ethanolJana, Rajkumar; Subbarao, Udumula; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Magnetic and X-ray absorption studies on the RE5X2Sb6 (RE = Eu, Yb; X = Al, Ga, In) compoundsSubbarao, Udumula; Sarkar, Sumanta; Joseph, Boby; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016A review on the synthesis, crystal growth, structure and physical properties of rare earth based quaternary intermetallic compoundsMumbaraddi, Dundappa; Sarkar, Sumanta; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Crystal Structure and Band Gap Engineering in Polyoxometalate-Based Inorganic-Organic HybridsRoy, Soumyabrata; Sarkar, Sumanta; Pan, Jaysree; Waghmare, Umesh V.; Dhanya, R.; Narayana, Chandrabhas; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Heterostructure composites of rGO/GeO2/PANI with enhanced performance for Li ion battery anode materialSarkar, Sumanta; Borah, Rohan; Santhosha, A. L.; Dhanya, R.; Narayana, Chandrabhas; Bhattacharyya, Aninda J.; Peter, Sebastian C.
2016Electrochemical Dealloying of PdCu3 Nanoparticles to Achieve Pt-like Activity for the Hydrogen Evolution ReactionJana, Rajkumar; Bhim, Anupam; Bothra, Pallavi; Pati, Swapan Kumar; Peter, Sebastian C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31