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Title: Magnetoelectric effect in simple collinear antiferromagnetic spinels
Authors: Saha, Rana
Ghara, Somnath
Suard, Emmanuelle
Jang, Dong Hyun
Kim, Kee Hoon
Ter-Oganessian, N. V.
Sundaresan, A.
Keywords: Physics
Ferroelectric Polarization
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Saha, R.; Ghara, S.; Suard, E.; Jang, D. H.; Kim, K. H.; Ter-Oganessian, N. V.; Sundaresan, A., Magnetoelectric effect in simple collinear antiferromagnetic spinels. Physical Review B 2016, 94 (1), 7
Physical Review B
Abstract: We report the discovery of the linear magnetoelectric effect in a family of spinel oxides, Co3O4 and MnB2O4 (B = Al, Ga) with simple collinear antiferromagnetic spin structure. An external magnetic field induces a dielectric anomaly at T-N, accompanied by the generation of electric polarization that varies linearly with magnetic field. Magnetization and magnetoelectric measurements on a single crystal of MnGa2O4 together with a phenomenological theory suggest that the easy axis direction is [111] with the corresponding magnetic symmetry R (3) over bar 'm'. The proposed theoretical model of single-ion contribution of magnetic ions located in a noncentrosymmetric crystal environment stands for a generic mechanism for observing magnetoelectric effects in these and other similar materials.
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ISSN: 2469-9950
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