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Title: Understanding the Role of Surface Capping Ligands in Passivating the Quantum Dots Using Copper Dopants as Internal Sensor
Authors: Grandhi, G. Krishnamurthy
Arunkumar, M.
Viswanatha, Ranjani
Keywords: Chemistry
Materials Science
Metal Sulfide Nanocrystals
Cdse Nanocrystals
Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Core/Shell Nanocrystals
Colloidal Nanocrystals
Cdte Nanocrystals
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Citation: Grandhi, G. K.; Arunkumar, M.; Viswanatha, R., Understanding the Role of Surface Capping Ligands in Passivating the Quantum Dots Using Copper Dopants as Internal Sensor. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2016, 120 (35), 19785-19795
Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Abstract: The role of ligands in passivating quanturri has been-studied in this work using Cu doping as internal sensors, This has been elucidated using the example of dodecanethiol, 3-mercaptopropionic acid, trioctylphosphine, trioctylphosphine oxide, and primary amines for the passivation of CdSe quantum dots by exchanging the original ligands. Steady state and,time dependent photoluminescence spectra of the Cu emission-have provided the basis for determining the role of ligands. The surface of the quantum dots with ligand exchange has been Monitored using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, The results suggest that the presence of trioctylphosphine, trioctylphosphine oxide, and oleylamine ligands on CdSe quantum dot surface lead to better photoluminescence efficiency. Further, increase in the chain length of the primary amines increases the effectiveness of passivation on the CdSe quantum dot surface. We have also extended this method to the study of oleylamine capping in CdS quantum dots.
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ISSN: 1932-7447
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