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Title: Short-Time Beta Relaxation in Glass-Forming Liquids Is Cooperative in Nature
Authors: Karmakar, Smarajit
Dasgupta, Chandan
Sastry, Srikanth
Keywords: Physics
Supercooled Liquids
Growing Length
Nonlinear Susceptibility
Kinetic Heterogeneities
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Karmakar, S.; Dasgupta, C.; Sastry, S., Short-Time Beta Relaxation in Glass-Forming Liquids Is Cooperative in Nature. Physical Review Letters 2016, 116 (8), 5
Physical Review Letters
Abstract: Temporal relaxation of density fluctuations in supercooled liquids near the glass transition occurs in multiple steps. Using molecular dynamics simulations for three model glass-forming liquids, we show that the short-time beta relaxation is cooperative in nature. Using finite-size scaling analysis, we extract a growing length scale associated with beta relaxation from the observed dependence of the beta relaxation time on the system size. We find, in qualitative agreement with the prediction of the inhomogeneous mode coupling theory, that the temperature dependence of this length scale is the same as that of the length scale that describes the spatial heterogeneity of local dynamics in the long-time alpha-relaxation regime.
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ISSN: 0031-9007
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