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Title: A highly crystalline single Au wire network as a high temperature transparent heater
Authors: Rao, K. D. M.
Kulkarni, G. U.
Keywords: Chemistry
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Materials Science
Applied Physics
Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Polymer Solar-Cells
Film Heaters
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Citation: Rao, KDM; Kulkarni, GU, A highly crystalline single Au wire network as a high temperature transparent heater. Nanoscale 2014, 6 (11) 5645-5651,
Abstract: A transparent conductor which can generate high temperatures finds important applications in optoelectronics. In this article, a wire network made of Au on quartz is shown to serve as an effective high temperature transparent heater. The heater has been fabricated by depositing Au onto a cracked sacrificial template. The highly inter-connected Au wire network thus formed exhibited a transmittance of similar to 87% in a wide spectral range with a sheet resistance of 5.4 Omega square(-1). By passing current through the network, it could be joule heated to similar to 600 degrees C within a few seconds. The extraordinary thermal performance and stability owe much to the seamless junctions present in the wire network. Furthermore, the wire network gets self-annealed through joule heating as seen from its increased crystallinity. Interestingly, both transmittance and sheet resistance improved following annealing to 92% and 3.2 Omega square(-1), respectively.
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ISSN: 2040-3364
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