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Title: Delayed Difference Scheme for Large Scale Scientific Simulations
Authors: Mudigere, Dheevatsa
Sherlekar, Sunil D.
Ansumali, Santosh
Keywords: Physics
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Mudigere, D; Sherlekar, SD; Ansumali, S, Delayed Difference Scheme for Large Scale Scientific Simulations. Physical Review Letters 2014, 113 (21), 218701
Physical Review Letters
Abstract: We argue that the current heterogeneous computing environment mimics a complex nonlinear system which needs to borrow the concept of time-scale separation and the delayed difference approach from statistical mechanics and nonlinear dynamics. We show that by replacing the usual difference equations approach by a delayed difference equations approach, the sequential fraction of many scientific computing algorithms can be substantially reduced. We also provide a comprehensive theoretical analysis to establish that the error and stability of our scheme is of the same order as existing schemes for a large, well-characterized class of problems.
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ISSN: 0031-9007
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