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Title: Green ionothermal synthesis of hierarchical nanostructures of SnS2 and their Li-ion storage properties
Authors: Jana, Manoj K.
Rajendra, H. B.
Bhattacharyya, Aninda J.
Biswas, Kanishka
Keywords: Chemistry
Hydrogenation Reactions
Solvothermal Synthesis
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Citation: Jana, MK; Rajendra, HB; Bhattacharyya, AJ; Biswas, K, Green ionothermal synthesis of hierarchical nanostructures of SnS2 and their Li-ion storage properties. Crystengcomm 2014, 16 (19) 3994-4000,
Abstract: Flower-like hierarchical architectures of layered SnS2 have been synthesized ionothermally for the first time, using a water soluble [EMIM]BF4 ionic liquid (IL) as the solvent medium. At lower reaction temperatures, the hierarchical structures are formed of few-layered polycrystalline 2D nanosheet-petals composed of randomly oriented nanoparticles of SnS2. The supramolecular networks of the IL serve as templates on which the nanoparticles of SnS2 are glued together by combined effects of hydrogen bonding, electrostatic, hydrophobic and imidazolium stacking interactions of the IL, giving rise to polycrystalline 2D nanosheet-petals. At higher reaction temperatures, single crystalline plate-like nanosheets with well-defined crystallographic facets are obtained due to rapid inter-particle diffusion across the IL. Efficient surface charge screening by the IL favors the aggregation of individual nanosheets to form hierarchical flower-like architectures of SnS2. The mechanistic aspects of the ionothermal bottom-up hierarchical assembly of SnS2 nanosheets are discussed in detail. Li-ion storage properties of the pristine SnS2 samples are examined and the electrochemical performance of the sample synthesized at higher temperatures is found to be comparable to that reported for pristine SnS2 samples in the literature.
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ISSN: 1466-8033
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