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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07-05Investigating the roles of thermosensory and circadian pacemaker neuronal circuits in modulating rhythmic locomotion under warm temperatures in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogasterVasu, Sheeba; Iyengar, Aishwariya
2019FMRP-mediated regulation of syngap1 translation and its impact on NMDAR-mediated signalling in a model of Intellectual Disability, syngap1Chelliah, James P. Clement; Paul, Abhik
2019Elucidating the role of ATG8a in mediating rescue of circadian rhythm in a fly model of huntington's diseaseVasu, Sheeba; Sharma, Ankit
2019Clocking sleep : Role of dorsolateral clock neurons in the sleep circuit of drosophila melanogasterVasu, Sheeba; Roy, Saheli
2021Reversing GABA polarity corrects synaptic physiology and behaviour in young adolescents syngap1+/- miceChelliah, James P. Clement; Verma, Vijaya
2017A tale of two species: clock properties and sleep characteristics of drosophila melanogaster and drosophila ananassaeVasu, Sheeba; Kundu, Pritha
2018Investigating the effect of syngap1 heterozygous mutation on astrocytesChelliah, James P. Clement; Vishwanath, Anjali Amrapali
2020Circadian organization and mechanisms of entrainment in populations of drosophila melanogaster selected for divergent timing of eclosionVasu, Sheeba; Lakshman, Abhilash
2021Altered proteostasis in a mouse model of huntington’s disease: Insights into pathogenic dysfunction and therapeutic modulationChelliah, James P. Clement; Kumar M J., Vijay
2023-05Investigating mechanisms underlying cortical malformations using mouse modelsRoy, Achira; Lolam, Vishal Rajesh