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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20132D nanocarbons : functional aspects and device fabricationKulkarni, G.U.; Kurra, Narendra
2012Anisotropic microstructures of Au and AgKulkarni, G.U.; Mettela, Gangaiah
2010Au nanoparticle-PDMS composites and Pd nanowire gratings for applications in nanotechnologyKulkarni, G.U.; Gupta, Ritu
2008Conducting AFM based lithography for patterning and electrical characterization of nanomaterialsKulkarni, G.U.; Vijaykumar, T.
2020Design and fabrication of neuromorphic devices towards emulating artificial intelligenceKulkarni, G.U.; B, Bharath
2014Electrical characterization and potential applications of graphene-like nanocarbon and Au nanoparticle- PDMS nanocompositeKulkarni, G.U.; Dutta, Dipanwita
2017Electrical transport in metal wire networks: experimental strategies and theoretical insightsKulkarni, G.U.; Kumar, Ankush
2016Functional properties and novel applications of 1D supramolecular nanofibres and decoupled 2D graphene stacksKulkarni, G.U.; Mogera, Umesha
2020In-Depth study and applications of 2D functional materials: twisted multilayer graphene and metal wire networksKulkarni, G.U.; Gupta, Nikita
2006An investigation of the nanogranular Au films electrolessly deposited on Si surfacesKulkarni, G.U.; Bhuvana
2007Investigations of metal and metal-organic bilayer nanostructures employing atomic force microscopy and related techniquesKulkarni, G.U.; John, Neena Susan
2009Investigations of metal organic precursors as direct write electron beam resists and their nanopatterning for functional devicesKulkarni, G.U.; T, Bhuvana
2003Investigations of molecular clusters and other species employing a cluster beam apparatusRao, C.N.R.; Kulkarni, G.U.; Raina, Gargi
2001Investigations of molecular crystals using experimental charge density.Kulkarni, G.U.; Rao, C.N.R.; Gopalan, R. Srinivas
2000Investigations of open-framework metal oxalates and phosphatesRao, C.N.R.; Kulkarni, G.U.; Vaidyanathan, R.
2001Investigations of rare earth maganites and metal nanoparticlesRao, C.N.R.; Kulkarni, G.U.; Gopalan, R. Srinivas
2008Investigations of ultrathin nanocrystalline metal films generated at the liquid-liquid interfaceKulkarni, G.U.; Rao, C.N.R.; Agrawal, Ved Varun
2003Mesoscopic organization and properties of nanocrystals of metals, metal oxides and other materialsRao, C.N.R.; Kulkarni, G.U.; Thomas, P. John
2016Metal nanowire network as an efficient top electrode for Si solar cellKulkarni, G.U.; Gupta, Nikita
2015Micro and nanostructures of Au and Ag : unusual morphologies,crystal structures and propertiesKulkarni, G.U.; Mettela, Gangaiah