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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Effect of surface nitridation on the growth of GaN films on c-sapphire, Si(111) and Si(100) surfacesShivaprasad, S.M.; Shetty, Satish
2017Epitaxial growth of InN and InxGa1-xN nanostructured films on structurally modified substrates using MBEShivaprasad, S.M.; De, Arpan
2018Experimental and first-principles theoretical investigations of the growth and properties of pristine and magnesium doped GaN nanostructuresShivaprasad, S.M.; Nayak, Sanjay Kumar
2012Experimental and theoretical investigations on GaN nanowall networkShivaprasad, S.M.; Joshi, Darshana
2014Kinetically controlled growth of InN thin films by MBE and their structural, optical and electronic propertiesShivaprasad, S.M.; Tangi, Malleshwararao
2016Morphological evolution and properties of epitaxial GaN nanowall network grown on c-sapphireShivaprasad, S.M.; Thakur, Varun
2021Role of defects on the growth mechanism and on the structural, optical, electrical and electronic properties of GaN nanostructuresShivaprasad, S.M.; Chatterjee, Abhijit
2011Studies of growth of metal nanostructures on single crystal surfacesShivaprasad, S.M.; Thakur, Varun
2015Studies on GaN nanostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy and TiO2 thin films grown by atomic layer depositionShivaprasad, S.M.; Shivakumar, D. T.
2012Study of MBE growth and characterization of gallium nitride films and nanostructuresShivaprasad, S.M.; Kesaria, Manoj
2012Study of the role of superstructural phases and interfacial properties on the growth of InN filmsShivaprasad, S.M.; Kuyyalil, Jithesh