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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-03Ultra-thin crystalline films of ZnS and PbS formed at the organic-aqueous interfaceKalyanikutty, K P; Gautam, Ujjal K; Rao, C N R
1975Ultra-violet and visible spectroscopy: chemical applicationsRao, C.N.R
2014Ultrafast response humidity sensor using supramolecular nanofibre and its application in monitoring breath humidity and flowMogera, Umesha; Sagade, Abhay A.; George, Subi Jacob; Kulkarni, G. U.
2016Ultrafast synthesis of flower-like ordered Pd3Pb nanocrystals with superior electrocatalytic activities towards oxidation of formic acid and ethanolJana, Rajkumar; Subbarao, Udumula; Peter, Sebastian C.
2018Ultrathin films of metal oxides, nitrides and sulfides obtained by atomic layer deposition and other meansRao, C.N.R.; Sreedhara, M.B.
2014Ultrathin septuple layered PbBi2Se4 nanosheetsChatterjee, Arindom; Guin, Satya N.; Biswas, Kanishka
1999-02Ultraviolet Light-Induced Phase Response Curve for the Locomotor Activity Rhythm of the Field Mouse Mus boodugaSharma, Vijay Kumar; Singaravel, Muniyandi; Subbaraj, Ramanujam
1989-04-01An ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopic study of BF3–donor complexesPradeep, T; Sreekanth, C S; Rao, C N R
1991-10-25An ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopic study of the H2S dimer, a van der Waals moleculePradeep, T; Rao, C N R
1991-11An Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopic Study of the Hydrogen Bonded Dimers of Methanol, Ethanol, and Dimethylamine in the Vapor PhasePradeep, T; Hegde, M S; Rao, C N R
1998-09Ultraviolet-light-evoked phase shifts in the locomotor activity rhythm of the field mouse Mus boodugaSharma, V K; Chandrashekaran, M K; Singaravel, M; Subbaraj, R
2017Unconventional role of an autophagy protein, Atg11 in maintaining genome stability in saccharomyces cerevisiaeSanyal, Kaustuv; Verma, Jigyasa
2021-09Uncovering flow instabilities and the role of inter-particle surface friction in shear-thickening suspensions of colloidal rodsGanapathy, Rajesh; Chaudhary, Mohit
2023-05Uncovering hidden structural order in dense colloidal liquids in flat-space and glass transition, melting, and shear-melting of wigner colloidal phases on curved manifoldsGanapathy, Rajesh; Singh, Navneet
2023-06-16Understanding competing photophysical processes in quantum dots using advanced spectroscopic and structural toolsRanjani, Viswanatha; Chakraborty, Saptarshi
2014Understanding conformational dynamics and kinetic behavior in plasmodium falciparum hypoxanthine guanine xanthine phosphoribosyltransferaseBalaram, Hemalatha; Roy, Sourav
2016Understanding guest and pressure-induced porosity through structural transition in flexible interpenetrated MOF by Raman spectroscopyKumari, Gayatri; Patil, N. R.; Bhadram, Venkata Srinu; Haldar, Ritesh; Bonakala, Satyanarayana; Maji, Tapas Kumar; Narayana, Chandrabhas
2016Understanding SO2 Capture by Ionic LiquidsMondal, Anirban; Balasubramanian, Sundaram
2003Understanding the building-up process of three dimensional open-framework metal phosphates: Acid degradation of the 3D structures to lower dimensional structuresChoudhury, Amitava; Rao, C N R
2016Understanding the diverse functions of a highly abundant human nuclear protein PC4Kundu, Tapas K.; Mustafi, Pallabi