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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07Supramolecular host-guest and DNA systems for biosensing and bioimaging applicationsAgasti, Sarit S.; Pradhan, Soumen
2023-10Design and application of efficient catalysts for alkane dehydrogenation and H2O2 synthesisEswaramoorthy, M.; Ahamed, Momin
2023-07Investigation on organic and metal-organic porous polymers towards photo and electrocatalytic CO2 reductionMaji, Tapas Kumar; Rahimi, Faruk Ahamed
2023-07Organic-inorganic hybrid halides and metal oxide perovskites: design and structure-property relationshipA., Sundaresan; Panda, Debendra Prasad
2023-07Electrical transport dynamics of conducting polymers under nanoconfinementNarayan, K.S.; Das, Sukanya
2023-09Characterization of physical systems using capacitive circuits, non- contact methods and printed hybrid integrated circuitsNarayan, K S; Purohit, Sumukh Anil
2023-05Chick retina as a model system for retinal prosthesis: Investigations on subretinal coupling of optoelectronic polymer blends with blind developing retinaeK.S., Narayan; C S, Deepak
2023-03Post-synthetically modified metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for visible-light-driven photocatalytic CO2 reductionMaji, Tapas Kumar; Raj V P., Sneha
2023-03Emergence of exotic physical phenomena from light-matter interaction in novel materialsSaha, Bivas; Sharma, Deeksha
2023-03Optimizing design parameters for smart window applicationsKulkarni, G U; Mishra, Shubhanshi
2023-03First-principles and theoretical analysis of electronic, optical and vibrational properties in layered materialsWaghmare, Umesh V.; Dutta, Sarbajit
2023-05First-principles theory of metavalent bonding: ferroelectric, topological and thermoelectric properties of chalcogenidesWaghmare, Umesh V.; Arora, Raagya
2023-05Liquids and glasses of achiral, chiral and deformable active granulesGanapathy, Rajesh; Arora, Pragya
2023-05Uncovering hidden structural order in dense colloidal liquids in flat-space and glass transition, melting, and shear-melting of wigner colloidal phases on curved manifoldsGanapathy, Rajesh; Singh, Navneet
2023-03Raman investigations on pressure and temperature induced topological, electronic, magnetic, and structural phase transitionsNarayana, Chandrabhas; Sunil, Janaky
2022-10Investigations on the structure-property relationship in 3d transition metal-based intermetallicsPeter, Sebastian C.; Singh, Ashutosh Kumar
2023-03Computational investigations to unravel the origins of lag phase, chirality transfer, and diastereoselectivity in supramolecular self-assembliesBalasubramanian, S.; Srinath, Kompella V. K.
2022-12Light-matter interactions: Plasmon & phonon polaritons in refractory nitrides for nanophotonicsSaha, Bivas; Maurya, Krishna Chand
2022-11Investigation of electrocatalytic water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction by nanostructured materialsEswaramoorthy, M.; Chakraborty, Soumita
2022-12Studies on the photophysics and charge carrier dynamics in solution-processed semiconductors using time and frequency domain measurementsNarayan, K. S.; Ghorai, Anaranya
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 282