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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Structural and magnetic characterization of mixed valence Co(II, III)(x)Zn1-xO epitaxial thin filmsNegi, D. S.; Loukya, B.; Dileep, K.; Sahu, R.; Shetty, S.; Kumar, N.; Ghatak, J.; Pachauri, N.; Gupta, A.; Datta, Ranjan
2014Crystallographic phase separation and band gap of ZnO1-xSx (x=0.1-0.3) alloy thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionDileep, K.; Sahu, R.; Nagaraja, K. K.; Datta, Ranjan
2014Growing dynamical facilitation on approaching the random pinning colloidal glass transitionGokhale, Shreyas; Nagamanasa, K. Hima; Ganapathy, Rajesh; Sood, A. K.
2014Probing optical band gaps at nanoscale from tetrahedral cation vacancy defects and variation of cation ordering in NiCo2O4 epitaxial thin filmsDileep, K.; Loukya, B.; Silwal, P.; Gupta, A.; Datta, Ranjan
2014Probing optical band gaps at the nanoscale in NiFe2O4 and CoFe2O4 epitaxial films by high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopyDileep, K.; Loukya, B.; Pachauri, N.; Gupta, A.; Datta, Ranjan
2014Spontaneous growth of InxGa1-xN nanostructures directly on c-plane sapphire by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxyDe, Arpan; Nagaraja, K. K.; Tangi, Malleswararao; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2014Nitrogen ion induced nitridation of Si(111) surface: Energy and fluence dependenceKumar, Praveen; Kumar, Mahesh; Noetzel, R.; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2014Ion induced compositional changes and nanodroplet formation on GaN surfaceVenugopal, Vinay; Upadhyaya, Kishor; Kumar, Kishore; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2014Conformational change in a urea catalyst induced by sodium cation and its effect on enantioselectivity of a Friedel-Crafts reactionChittoory, Arjun K.; Kumari, Gayatri; Mohapatra, Sudip; Kundu, Partha P.; Maji, Tapas K.; Narayana, Chandrabhas; Rajaram, Sridhar
2014Unusual Reactivity of Nitronates with an Aryl Alkyl Carbonate: Synthesis of alpha-Amino EstersReddy, Golipalli Ramana; Mukherjee, Debopreeti; Chittoory, Arjun Kumar; Rajaram, Sridhar