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Title: Electron mobility of self-assembled and dislocation free InN nanorods grown on GaN nano wall network template
Authors: Tangi, Malleswararao
De, Arpan
Ghatak, Jay
Shivaprasad, S. M.
Keywords: Physics
Molecular-Beam Epitaxy
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: American Institute Physics
Citation: Tangi, M.; De, A.; Ghatak, J.; Shivaprasad, S. M., Electron mobility of self-assembled and dislocation free InN nanorods grown on GaN nano wall network template. Journal of Applied Physics 2016, 119 (20), 6
Journal of Applied Physics
Abstract: A kinetically controlled two-step growth process for the formation of an array of dislocation free high mobility InN nanorods (NRs) on GaN nanowall network (NWN) by Molecular Beam Epitaxy is demonstrated here. The epitaxial GaN NWN is formed on c-sapphire under nitrogen rich conditions, and then changing the source from Ga to In at appropriate substrate temperature yields the nucleation of a self assembled spontaneous m-plane side faceted-InN NR. By HRTEM, the NRs are shown to be dislocation-free and have a low band gap value of 0.65 eV. Hall measurements are carried out on a single InN NR along with J-V measurements that yield mobility values as high as approximate to 4453 cm(2)/V s and the carrier concentration of approximate to 1.1 x 10(17) cm(-3), which are unprecedented in the literature for comparable InN NR diameters. Published by AIP Publishing.
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ISSN: 0021-8979
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