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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Spontaneous growth of InxGa1-xN nanostructures directly on c-plane sapphire by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxyDe, Arpan; Nagaraja, K. K.; Tangi, Malleswararao; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2014Surface nitridation induced AlN nano-columnar growth on c-sapphireShetty, Satish; Ghatak, Jay; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2014Pd nanoparticle concentration dependent self-assembly of Pd@SiO2 nanoparticles into leaching resistant microcubesDatta, Abheek; Sadhu, Anustup; Santra, Subhankar; Shivaprasad, S. M.; Mandal, Swadhin K.; Bhattacharyya, Sayan
2014Nitrogen ion induced nitridation of Si(111) surface: Energy and fluence dependenceKumar, Praveen; Kumar, Mahesh; Noetzel, R.; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2014Ion induced compositional changes and nanodroplet formation on GaN surfaceVenugopal, Vinay; Upadhyaya, Kishor; Kumar, Kishore; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2014Efficient Plasmonic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Fluorescent Au-Encapsulated C-DotsNarayanan, Remya; Deepa, Melepurath; Srivastava, Avanish Kumar; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2014Multifunctional and robust covalent organic framework-nanoparticle hybridsPachfule, Pradip; Panda, Manas K.; Kandambeth, Sharath; Shivaprasad, S. M.; Diaz Diaz, David; Banerjee, Rahul
2014Role of AlN intermediate layer in the morphological evolution of GaN nanorods grown on c-plane sapphireShetty, Satish; Ghatak, Jay; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2016Unraveling the Role of Monovalent Halides in Mixed-Halide Organic-Inorganic PerovskitesDeepa, Melepurath; Ramos, F. Javier; Shivaprasad, S. M.; Ahmad, Shahzada
2016Polarization induced two dimensional confinement of carriers in wedge shaped polar semiconductorsDeb, S.; Bhasker, H. P.; Thakur, Varun; Shivaprasad, S. M.; Dhar, S.
2016Epitaxy, phase separation and band-edge emission of spontaneously formed InGaN nanorodsDe, Arpan; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2016Formation of low-dimensional GaN on trenched Si(5512), probed by STM and XPSKumar, Mahesh; Kumar, Praveen; Devi, Pooja; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2016Early stages of plasma induced nitridation of Si (111) surface and study of interfacial band alignmentShetty, Satish; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2016Optimization of energy and fluence of N-2(+) ions in the conversion of Al2O3 surface into AIN at room temperatureKumar, Praveen; Devi, Pooja; Kumar, Mahesh; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2016Extensive Parallelism between Crystal Parameters and Magnetic Phase Transitions of Unusually Ferromagnetic Praseodymium Manganite NanoparticlesSadhu, Anustup; Salunke, Hemant G.; Shivaprasad, S. M.; Bhattacharyya, Sayan
2016Electron mobility of self-assembled and dislocation free InN nanorods grown on GaN nano wall network templateTangi, Malleswararao; De, Arpan; Ghatak, Jay; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2015Role of quantum confinement in giving rise to high electron mobility in GaN nanowall networksBhasker, H. P.; Thakur, Varun; Shivaprasad, S. M.; Dhar, S.
2015Surface Modification Induced Photoluminescence Enhancement of GaN Nanowall Network Grown on c-SapphireThakur, Varun; Nayak, Sanjay Kumar; Nagaraja, Kodihalli Keeriti; Shivaprasad, S. M.
2015Enhanced Hydrogenation Properties of Size Selected Pd-C Core-Shell Nanoparticles; Effect of Carbon Shell ThicknessSingh, Vinod; Mehta, Bodh R.; Sengar, Saurabh K.; Kulriya, Pawan K.; Khan, Saif A.; Shivaprasad, Sonnada M.
2015A WO3-poly(butyl viologen) layer-by-layer film/ruthenium purple film based electrochromic device switching by 1 volt applicationSydam, Rambabu; Deepa, Melepurath; Shivaprasad, S. M.; Srivastava, A. K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23