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dc.contributor.authorBhadram, Venkata Srinu
dc.contributor.authorSwain, Diptikanta
dc.contributor.authorDhanya, R.
dc.contributor.authorPolentarutti, Maurizio
dc.contributor.authorSundaresan, A.
dc.contributor.authorNarayana, Chandrabhas
dc.identifier.citationBhadram, VS; Swain, D; Dhanya, R; Polentarutti, M; Sundaresan, A; Narayana, C, Effect of pressure on octahedral distortions in RCrO3 (R=Lu, Tb, Gd, Eu, Sm): the role of R-ion size and its implications. Materials Research Express 2014, 1 (2), 26111
dc.identifier.citationMaterials Research Expressen_US
dc.descriptionRestricted Accessen_US
dc.description.abstractThe effect of rare-earth ion size on the octahedral distortions in rare-earth chromites (RCrO3, R = Lu, Tb, Gd, Eu, Sm) crystallizing in the orthorhombic structure has been studied using Raman scattering and synchrotron powder x-ray diffraction up to 20 GPa. From our studies on RCrO3 we found that the octahedral tilts (distortions) increase with pressure. This is contrary to the earlier report which suggests that in LaCrO3, the distortions decrease with pressure leading to a more ordered phase at high pressure. Here, we observe that the rate of increase in distortion decreases with the increase in R-ion radii. This occurs due to the reduction in the compression of RO12 polyhedra with a corresponding increase in the compression of the CrO6 octahedra with increasing R-ion radii. From the Raman studies, we predict a critical R-ion radii, above which we expect the distortions in RCrO3 to reduce with increasing pressure leading to what is observed in the case of LaCrO3. These Raman results are consistent with our pressure dependent structural studies on RCrO3 (R = Gd, Eu, Sm). Also, our results suggest that the pressure dependence of Neel temperature, T-N(Cr), (where the Cr3+ spin orders) in RCrO3 is mostly affected by the compressions of Cr-O bonds rather than the alteration of octahedral tilts.en_US
dc.publisherIoP Publishing Ltden_US
dc.rights@IoP Publishing Ltd, 2014en_US
dc.subjectMaterials Scienceen_US
dc.subjectRaman Spectroscopyen_US
dc.subjectHigh Pressureen_US
dc.subjectX-Ray Diffractionen_US
dc.titleEffect of pressure on octahedral distortions in RCrO3 (R=Lu, Tb, Gd, Eu, Sm): the role of R-ion size and its implicationsen_US
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