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Title: DNase I Site Mapping and Micrococcal Nuclease Digestion of Pachytene Chromatin Reveal Novel Structural Feature
Authors: Rao, Jagadeeshwar B
Rao, M R S
Keywords: Animals
Binding Sites
Chromatin - isolation & purification
DNA - isolation & purification
Deoxyribonuclease I
Histones - isolation & purification
Liver - analysis
Micrococcal Nuclease
Nucleosomes - analysis
Testis - analysis
Issue Date: 5-Apr-1987
Publisher: American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Inc
Citation: Journal Of Biological Chemistry 262(10), 4472-4476 (1987)
Abstract: A comparison of the DNase I digestion products of the 32P-5’-end-labeled pachytene nucleosome core particles (containing histones H2A, TH2A, X2, H2B, THPB, H3a, nd H4) and liver nucleosome core particles (containing somatic histones H2A, H2B, H3, and H4) revealed that the cleavage sites that are 30, 40, and 110 nucleotidesa way from the 5’-enda re significantly more accessiblei n the pachytene core particles than in the liver core particles. These cleavage sites correspond to the region wherein H2B interacts with the nucleosome core DNA. These results, therefore, suggest that the histone-DNA interactiona t these sites in the pachytene core particles is weaker, possibly because of the presence of the histone variant THBB interacting at similar topological positions in the nucleosome core as that of its somatic counterpart H2B. Such a loosened structumrea y also be maintainede ven in the native pachytene chromatin since micrococcal nuclease digestion of pachytene nuclei resulted in a higher ratio of subnucleosomes (SN4 + SN?) to mononucleosomes than that observed liinv er chromatin
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Other Identifiers: 0021-9258
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