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Title: Interaction of rat testis protein, TP, with nucleic acids in vitro. Fluorescence quenching, UV absorption, and thermal denaturation studies
Authors: Singh, Jagmohan
Rao, M R S
Keywords: Amino Acid Sequence
DNA - metabolism
Histones - isolation & purification
Liver - metabolism
Nucleic Acid Denaturation
Poly A - metabolism
Prostatic Secretory Proteins
Proteins - isolation & purification
Seminal Plasma Proteins
Testis - metabolism
Issue Date: 1987
Publisher: The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Inc
Citation: Journal Of Biological Chemistry 262(2), 734-740 (1987)
Abstract: The nucleic acid binding properties of the testis protein, TP, were studied with the help of physical techniques, namely, fluorescence quenching, UV difference absorption spectroscopy, and thermal melting. Results of quenching of tyrosine fluorescence of TP upon its binding to double-stranded and denatured rat liver nucleosome core DNA and poly(rA) suggest that the tyrosine residues of TP interact/intercalate with the bases of these nucleic acids. From the fluorescence quenching data, obtained at 50 mM NaCl concentration, the apparent association constants for binding of TP to native and denatured DNA and poly(rA) were calculated to be 4.4 X 10(3) M-1, 2.86 X 10(4) M-1, and 8.5 X 10(4) M-1, respectively. UV difference absorption spectra upon TP binding to poly(rA) and rat liver core DNA showed a TP-induced hyperchromicity at 260 nm which is suggestive of local melting of poly(rA) and DNA. The results from thermal melting studies of binding of TP to calf thymus DNA at 1 mM NaCl as well as 50 mM NaCl showed that although at 1 mM NaCl TP brings about a slight stabilization of the DNA against thermal melting, a destabilization of the DNA was observed at 50 mM NaCl. From these results it is concluded that TP, having a higher affinity for single-stranded nucleic acids, destabilizes double-stranded DNA, thus behaving like a DNA-melting protein.
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