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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Ambipolar behavior of Te and its effect on the optical emission of ZnO: Te epitaxial thin filmSahu, R.; Dileep, K.; Negi, D. S.; Nagaraja, K. K.; Datta, Ranjan
2010BCN: A Graphene Analogue with Remarkable Adsorptive PropertiesRaidongia, Kalyan; Nag, Angshuman; Hembram, K P S S; Waghmare, Umesh V; Datta, Ranjan; Rao, C N R
2014Crystallographic phase separation and band gap of ZnO1-xSx (x=0.1-0.3) alloy thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionDileep, K.; Sahu, R.; Nagaraja, K. K.; Datta, Ranjan
2014Deformation and strength of Ti-6Al-4V alloyed with B at cryogenic temperaturesSingh, Gaurav; Bajargan, Govind; Datta, Ranjan; Ramamurty, Upadrasta
2014Direct evidence of strong local ferroelectric ordering in a thermoelectric semiconductorAggarwal, Leena; Sekhon, Jagmeet S.; Guin, Satya N.; Arora, Ashima; Negi, Devendra S.; Datta, Ranjan; Biswas, Kanishka; Sheett, Goutam
-Effect of Bloch wave electron propagation and momentum-resolved signal detection on the quantitative and site-specific electron magnetic chiral dichroism of magnetic spinel oxide thin filmsLoukya, B.; Negi, D. S.; Dileep, K.; Pachauri, N.; Gupta, A.; Datta, Ranjan
2015Electron magnetic circular dichroism of epitaxial magnetic thin films at nanoscaleDatta, Ranjan; Chowdary, B. Loukya
2014Enhancement in creep resistance of Ti-6Al-4V alloy due to boron additionSingh, Gaurav; Satyanarayana, D. V. V.; Pederson, Robert; Datta, Ranjan; Ramamurty, Upadrasta
2014Epitaxial Co metal thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition using oxide targetNegi, D. S.; Roy, A.; Loukya, B.; Dileep, K.; Shetty, S.; Kumar, N.; Kumar, P. S. Anil; Datta, Ranjan
2014Epitaxial growth of spinel cobalt ferrite films on MgAl2O4 substrates by direct liquid injection chemical vapor depositionShen, Liming; Althammer, Matthias; Pachauri, Neha; Loukya, B.; Datta, Ranjan; Iliev, Milko; Bao, Ningzhong; Gupta, Arunava
2016Exchange bias at low fields exhibited by the interface between epitaxial layers of ferromagnetic and charge-ordered rare-earth manganitesSaha, Rana; Vasu, K.; Negi, D. S.; Datta, Ranjan; Sundaresan, A.; Rao, C. N. R.
2010-03Graphene analogues of BN: novel synthesis and propertiesNag, Angshuman; Raidongia, Kalyan; Hembram, Kailash P S S; Datta, Ranjan; Waghmare, Umesh V; Rao, C N R
2011Graphene analogues of layered metal selenidesMatte, H S S Ramakrishna; Plowman, Blake; Datta, Ranjan; Rao, C N R
2018Heterostructures of 2D TMDs and BNDatta, Ranjan; Singh, Rajendra
2015High Thermoelectric Performance and Enhanced Mechanical Stability of p-type Ge1-xSbxTePerunnal, Suresh; Roychowdhury, Subhajit; Negi, Devendra S.; Datta, Ranjan; Biswas, Kanishka
2015High-Yield Synthesis of Sub-10 nm Pt Nanotetrahedra with Bare < 111 > Facets for Efficient Electrocatalytic ApplicationsRana, Moumita; Chhetri, Manjeet; Loukya, B.; Patil, Pramod K.; Datta, Ranjan; Gautam, Ujjal K.
2021-04-05Investigation of nanoscale crystallographic phases and electronic properties of NiCo2O4 and RexMo1-xS2 alloyDatta, Ranjan; Horta, Sharona
2016Layer specific optical band gap measurement at nanoscale in MoS2 and ReS2 van der Waals compounds by high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopyDileep, K.; Sahu, R.; Sarkar, Sumanta; Peter, Sebastian C.; Datta, Ranjan
2015Mechanochemical Synthesis of Free-Standing Platinum Nanosheets and Their Electrocatalytic PropertiesChhetri, Manjeet; Rana, Moumita; Loukya, B.; Patil, Pramod K.; Datta, Ranjan; Gautam, Ujjal K.
-Metastable monoclinic and orthorhombic phases and electric field induced irreversible phase transformation at room temperature in the lead-free classical ferroelectric BaTiO3Kalyani, Ajay Kumar; Khatua, Dipak Kumar; Loukya, B.; Datta, Ranjan; Fitch, Andy N.; Senyshyn, Anatoliy; Ranjan, Rajeev