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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Damming rivers in the tectonically resurgent Uttarakhand HimalayaValdiya, K. S.
2005The dawn of the universeNath, Biman B
1997-08Daylight and Artificial Light Phase Response Curves for the Circadian Rhythm in Locomotor Activity of the Field Mouse Mus boodugaSharma, V K; Chandrashekaran, M K; Nongkynrih, P
2022-02Deciphering the role of P. falciparum autophagy in mechanisms of ER homeostasis and artemisinin resistanceSurolia, Namita; Ray, Ananya
2022-06Deconstructing colloidal heteroepitaxy: From single to collective adsorbate dynamics to hierarchical organization in systems of sticky particlesGanapathy, Rajesh; Mondal, Manodeep
2016Deconstructing the glass transition through critical experiments on colloidsGokhale, Shreyas; Sood, A. K.; Ganapathy, Rajesh
1996-12-14The decoration of carbon nanotubes by metal nanoparticlesSatishkumar, B C; Vogl, Erasmus M; Govindaraj, A; Rao, C N R
2002Defect-induced transport studies of semiconducting polymersNarayan, K.S.; Swamy, A.A. Alagiri
2016Defining Switching Efficiency of Multilevel Resistive Memory with PdO as an ExampleRao, K. D. M.; Sagade, Abhay A.; John, Robin; Pradeep, T.; Kulkarni, G. U.
2014Deformation and strength of Ti-6Al-4V alloyed with B at cryogenic temperaturesSingh, Gaurav; Bajargan, Govind; Datta, Ranjan; Ramamurty, Upadrasta
2014Delayed Difference Scheme for Large Scale Scientific SimulationsMudigere, Dheevatsa; Sherlekar, Sunil D.; Ansumali, Santosh
2018Density functional theory and descriptor-based strategies for tailoring the properties of nanomaterialsNarasimhan, Shobhana; Ghosh, Sukanya
2014Density functional theory based strategies for tailoring the magnetic and morphological properties of surfacesNarasimhan, Shobhana; Biswas, Sananda
2012Density functional theory study of structural and magnetic properties of low dimensionalNarasimhan, Shobhana; Imam, Mighfar
2008Density waves and fluctuations in three-dimensional granular poiseuille flowAlam, Meheboob; Malik, Ashish
1992Dependence of the Cu 2p photoemission intensities and the superconducting transition temperatures in cation-substituted derivatives of YBa2Cu3O7 and La1.8Sr0.2CuO4 on the hole concentration and related factorsSantra, A K; Sheelam, Radha Rani; Rao, C N R
1991-10-01Dependence of the polarizability of the Cu4O8 cluster on the doping, the weight of the oxygen-hole state, and the excitation gaps in the three-band Hubbard modelRamasesha, S; Rao, C N R
2008-11-20Dependence of the Properties of Magnetic Nanoparticles on the Interparticle SeparationVoggu, Rakesh; Kumar, N; Rao, C N R
1994-11Dependence of the Strength of Interaction of Carbon Monoxide with Transition Metal Clusters on the Cluster SizeSantra, A K; Ghosh, Samrat; Rao, C N R
2023-10Design and application of efficient catalysts for alkane dehydrogenation and H2O2 synthesisEswaramoorthy, M.; Ahamed, Momin