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2014Porous polyimides from polycyclic aromatic linkers: Selective CO2 capture and hydrogen storageRao, K. Venkata; Haldar, Ritesh; Maji, Tapas Kumar; George, Subi Jacob
2014Charge-Transfer Nanostructures through Noncovalent Amphiphilic Self-Assembly: Extended Cofacial Donor-Acceptor ArraysRao, K. Venkata; Jalani, Krishnendu; Jayaramulu, K.; Mogera, Umesha; Maji, Tapas Kumar; George, Subi Jacob
2014Amine-Responsive Adaptable Nanospaces: Fluorescent Porous Coordination Polymer for Molecular RecognitionHaldar, Ritesh; Matsuda, Ryotaro; Kitagawa, Susumu; George, Subi Jacob; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene)-Derived Porous Luminescent Nanoscale Coordination Polymer of Gd-III: Bimodal Imaging and Nitroaromatic SensingSuresh, Venkata M.; Chatterjee, Snehajyoti; Modak, Rahul; Tiwari, Vivek; Patel, Anant B.; Kundu, Tapas Kumar; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Porous coordination polymers based on functionalized Schiff base linkers: enhanced CO2 uptake by pore surface modificationBhattacharya, Biswajit; Haldar, Ritesh; Dey, Rajdip; Maji, Tapas Kumar; Ghoshal, Debajyoti
2014Flexible and Rigid Amine-Functionalized Microporous Frameworks Based on Different Secondary Building Units: Supramolecular Isomerism, Selective CO2 Capture, and CatalysisHaldar, Ritesh; Reddy, Sandeep K.; Suresh, Venkata M.; Mohapatra, Sudip; Balasubramanian, Sundaram; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014A hexanuclear Cu(I) cluster supported by cuprophilic interaction: effects of aromatics on luminescence propertiesChakraborty, Anindita; Ramachandran, Krishna Kumar; Yamijala, Sharma S. R. K. C.; Pati, Swapan Kumar; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014In-situ Stabilization of Tin Nanoparticles in Porous Carbon Matrix derived from Metal Organic Framework: High Capacity and High Rate Capability Anodes for Lithium-ion BatteriesShiva, Konda; Jayaramulu, Kolleboyina; Rajendra, H. B.; Maji, Tapas Kumar; Bhattacharyya, Aninda J.
2014Interpenetrated Metal-Organic Frameworks with [Ag(CN)(2)](-) Bridging Ligand: Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Magnetic StudyChakraborty, Anindita; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Amide Functionalized Microporous Organic Polymer (Am-MOP) for Selective CO2 Sorption and CatalysisSuresh, Venkata M.; Bonakala, Satyanarayana; Atreya, Hanudatta S.; Balasubramanian, Sundaram; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Mg-MOF-74@SBA-15 hybrids: Synthesis, characterization, and adsorption propertiesChakraborty, Anindita; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Lanthanide-organic frameworks for gas storage and as magneto-luminescent materialsRoy, Syamantak; Chakraborty, Anindita; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Synthesis and Structural Characterization of 1D and 2D Coordination Polymers based on Flexible 1,3-Adamantanediacetic Acid and Exo-bidentate Organic LinkersHaldar, Ritesh; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Synthesis, Characterization, and Modeling of a Functional Conjugated Microporous Polymer: CO2 Storage and Light HarvestingSuresh, Venkata M.; Bonakala, Satyanarayana; Roy, Syamantak; Balasubramanian, Sundaram; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Two 3D metal-organic frameworks of Cd(II): modulation of structures and porous properties based on linker functionalitiesHaldar, Ritesh; Bonakala, Satyanarayana; Kanoo, Prakash; Balasubramanian, Sundaram; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Structural and Magnetic Diversity Based on Different Imidazolate Linkers in Cu(II)-Azido Coordination CompoundsChakraborty, Anindita; Lingampalli, Srinivasa Rao; Kumari, Aman; Ribas, Joan; Ribas-Arino, Jordi; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Two 3D supramolecular frameworks assembled from the dinuclear building block: A crystallographic evidence of carboxylate(O)center dot center dot center dot pi interactionMohapatra, Sudip; Roy, Syamantak; Ghoshal, Debajyoti; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Porous graphene frameworks pillared by organic linkers with tunable surface area and gas storage propertiesKumar, Ram; Suresh, Venkata M.; Maji, Tapas Kumar; Rao, C. N. R.
2014A bimodal anionic MOF: turn-off sensing of Cu-II and specific sensitization of Eu-IIIBhattacharyya, Sohini; Chakraborty, Anindita; Jayaramulu, Kolleboyina; Hazra, Arpan; Maji, Tapas Kumar
2014Stoichiometry-Controlled Two Flexible Interpenetrated Frameworks: Higher CO2 Uptake in a Nanoscale Counterpart Supported by Accelerated Adsorption KineticsSikdar, Nivedita; Hazra, Arpan; Maji, Tapas Kumar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45